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Enjoy Financial Freedom by Learning the Art of Building Good Credit!

Whether you’re struggling to improve your credit score so that you can qualify for a home or car loan with low interest rates, you want a new job, or you’ve financially hit rock bottom and want to regain your financial independence, make the decision to to benefit from our personal credit coaching services to achieve your credit goals. At Credit Firm Inc. Tyler, TX, we can provide you with the knowledge and skill-set that you need to master the art of building good credit.

Your credit score is the most influential, impactful and important number in your financial life. This is the number that will help you save thousands of dollars in interest payments and give you more financial opportunities. According to FICO, a good score is above 670 while an exceptional score is 800 and higher. Allow us to help you obtain the credit score that you desire

Customized Action Plan—We Provide You the Roadmap to Building Your Credit Score

At Credit Firm Inc. we provide you with step by step assistance. We’ll create for you a customized action plan with the right mix of strategies to help you achieve your targeted credit goals. Simply put, we will provide you with a roadmap to credit building.

When you schedule for personal credit coaching services with us, our experienced and friendly consultant will first understand your financial situation. We will review your credit score reports by all three main credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. In addition to this, we’ll discuss your credit goals and timeline in which you would like to achieve your goals.

Based on all this information, our consultant will create a proper plan to help build your credit and realize your goals within your stated timeframe. Our team will help you navigate through the process, by educating you about the process, and credit building strategies.

Our detailed action plan will include factors such as:

  • Details of each derogatory,
  • How to add the right kind of positive accounts?
  • How to manage current accounts and settlements?

Our coach will also teach you the important principles of scoring process, how it works and affects your financial standing. We’ll provide you with the skills that you need to recognize opportunities for new collections, preventative measures, and how to avoid situations before they hit your credit.

At Credit Firm Inc. we have expanded to serve clients in and across the greater Tyler, TX area. Our attributes like professionalism, work ethics, transparent services, friendly and experienced credit coaching staff has earned us the trust and respect of clients. Credit Firm Inc. has helped thousands of clients achieve their credit goals by teaching them how to improve their credit score strategically. We can help you too.

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