Credit Repair FAQs

What type of services does Credit Firm Inc. provide for its clients?

Free Consultation & Custom Plan of Action
We offer a FREE Consultation to determine what you need. We develop a plan of action specific to your situation and goals. Ingredients are carefully selected to compose the exact recipe for your success. These ingredients are: education, counseling, credit score enhancement, goal oriented time-line.

What will Credit Firm Inc. teach me that will be helpful in future years?

Learn it by Living it!
Most of what you learn will be from what actually happens to your financial stability and credit worthiness. You will live and learn through your custom plan of action. The counseling, education, and credit score enhancement techniques are tried and proven. This process will become second nature and help you make sound money decisions instinctively.

Can Credit Firm Inc. stop the harassing phone calls and threatening bill collection letters?!

Make Bill Collectors Stop!
Yes! We can start an instant process that makes it illegal for the bill collectors to ever bother you, your family, co-workers, and or friends about your debt. All contact will stop.

What credit scores do I need to get a house loan?

House scores and much more
Several factors are considered concerning the applicants credit worthiness to receive a house loan. Employment history, Debt to income ratio, and credit scores are the largest factors. Currently most institutions are requiring a 620-650 “middle-score”. Our counseling and education services are tailored to help you qualify for your dream home once your scores are ready.

Are there really ZERO MONEY DOWN house loans?

Zero Money Down House Loans
Yes! We work closely and are the recommended credit service organization for these loans locally. We can put you in touch with the mortgage company who offers these house loans.

Do I have to pay-off old debt entries on my credit report in order to raise my score?

I CAN’T afford to pay old bills!
No! We know the laws and codes that protect you. We exercise your consumer rights to get erroneous, incomplete, obsolete, and inaccurate lines deleted from your three credit reports. When the bad credit goes away, the scores go up.

After old negative items leave my credit file, do they return at a later date?

Bad credit stays away!
No, not legally. If an entry is legally removed, it cannot be legally re-entered! All our credit score enhancement efforts are within the law. We know your consumer rights, and we exercise them on your behalf.

How long does this process take?

Good Credit in 8 months or sooner!
Our clients contract with us in most cases for 8 months. During that period, we council, educate, and work to enhance their credit scores. Each client receives a written money back guarantee required by law. We take your financial success very seriously; our track record of success speaks volumes.

How does this all start?

What is Step ONE?
We work by appointment only to ensure each client gets our full attention while developing their custom “Plan of Action”. The consultation is free and carries no obligation. We want and insist that each client makes wise and informed decisions about our services and guarantee.

Is Credit Firm Inc a legally operating entity?

We do it by the book!
Yes! We are registered as a professional Credit Service Organization which also required a State approved Surety Bond. We comply with all state and federal laws while working for your financial goals.